Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Stared as the Faucet Leaked

I stared as the faucet leaked. Hard as I tried to tighten it, the water dripped.
Open. Close. Open more. Close tighter. Nothing worked. So I kneeled down to
sink level and stared it down, like the water was going to sense my frustration
and just stop. It was dripping so quickly that I expected it to start streaming at
any moment.
What would it take to make you stop dripping? I thought. What can I do for you?
Hmm, Iʼm talking to a faucet. I closed my eyes and listened.
Suddenly, I was eight years old. And outside. My best friend Ryan and I were
riding our bikes in the rain. We loved to ride in the rain. The roads were slick,
and our hands and feet would sometimes slide off the handlebars and pedals, but
this was it, the ultimate freedom. Our t-shirts and shorts were doubled in weight
and clung to us, our bodies soaked to the bone, our minds without a care in the
Weʼd stop at the sewer grates and listen as the rain fell straight through the holes
into the dark. Weʼd get on our knees, faces almost planted to the ground, one
eye squeezed shut, to see what was below. It was pitch black, all we could hear
was the sound of water on water.
Weʼd kneel for a while, wondering what was down there, how deep it was. One
day, we said with a sparkly in our eyes, one day letʼs go down there. Weʼd
imagine inhaling the biggest, deepest breath and holding it. Then, like we saw
people do on TV, take our thumb and index finger and pinch our noses really
tight so water wouldnʼt rush up into our heads. Finally, weʼd grasp each otherʼs
free hand and stand face-to-face, our bodies as close as possible, the knuckles
of our makeshift nose plugs bumping against each other. Weʼd close our eyes as
tight as we could, then jump. Weʼd tunnel straight down through a pillar of water,
spinning like we were in the centre of a cyclone.
Finally, weʼd splash into an open area, coming up to the surface, gasping for air
while laughing like weʼd never laughed before. Our cackles would echo against
the mucky brown walls that curved inwards, that sound only making us laugh
harder and louder. Weʼd take a moment and look at everything surrounding us.
We were no longer in a sewer underneath our neighbourhood, we were in a
secret underground universe. An undiscovered playground had been waiting for
our arrival. Weʼd imagine that even though we splashed down from ground level,
it was deep enough not to get hurt, yet still so shallow that we could touch the
ground with the tips of our toes. Just as soon as weʼd caught our breath, our
underground adventure would begin.
Weʼd glide over to one of the cave walls and mark a big “X” so we knew where
weʼd started from, pick a direction and start walking. Weʼd count our steps as we
went. Weʼd make them as long as we could and try to land on two feet. One,
Two, Three…we were almost squealing as we counted. Every five strides weʼd
I Stared as the Faucet Leaked
stop, and make another big “X” on the wall, like Hansel and Gretel and their
There would, as with any adventure, be a split in the tunnel, and weʼd have to
choose which way to go. For this, the process was simple, we would close our
eyes and then I would start spinning around as quickly as I could with one arm
raised and pointing forward. Ryan would yell “NOW!”, and Iʼd stop. Weʼd open
our eyes and follow the direction I was pointing towards. Then weʼd decide that it
was time to dive under the water and swim towards our next destination. Holding
our legs together, kicking like we were fish, and the water our home. Weʼd hope
it would be clear enough that we could open our eyes. It was.
At first, we would see nothing, just tunnel and water ahead. Then to our left,
something would catch our eye. Weʼd return to the surface wide eyed and
excited, had we really just seen what we thought? We had, no question. We had
to go back and get it. So weʼd count to three, then dive under once again, our
bodies propelling through the water, nothing would stop us now.
Finally, we made it to the bottom, grabbed the ʻtreasureʼ and swam back to the
surface. We would cheer for ourselves while catching our breath. Weʼd done it,
weʼve found buried treasure. Ryan was holding the goods. Heʼd open his palm
and there it was, a gold key. It was so shiny we could swear it was actually
glowing. Our minds would start racing as quickly as our hearts beat. A key?!
WOW, a key! Weʼd imagine all the things it could open. Maybe there were doors
and passageways down here that would take us to a whole other world. A world
where everyone ate ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you could ride
your bike as late as you wanted and the kids made all the rules. Or maybe there
was just this amazing room where everything you ever wanted was at your
fingertips, just waiting for you. Yes, thatʼs what it was for. This was the key to the
place where anything and everything was possible. Ryan and I, we found it, and
that made us special. You see, we decided that there were probably only a few
of these keys, and if you were lucky enough to find one, you were in the club, a
member for life. Once the key was zipped safely inside my waist pouch, weʼd
decide that it would be best to come back another time to find the door, it was
getting late and we had to get home for dinner. Now that we knew this place was
here, we could come back any time we wanted. Finding that door was not going
to be an easy task and we wanted to come back prepared. Weʼd follow the “X”s
back to the beginning, congratulating ourselves for coming up with such a genius
and foolproof system for finding our way back home.
Once we got to the opening, weʼd look up, wondering how we were going to
make our way back to our bikes. We were hopeful, now that weʼd found the key,
there was nothing that could stop us from doing everything we wanted. Weʼd
look up to see ridges and ledges everywhere. Weʼd decide that climbing back up
was the only way to get back. Slowly, and step by step, we made our way back
up, me before Ryan, because he had to hoist me up to reach the first ledge.
Once I saw the ground opening, I pulled myself out onto the ground. I turned and
kneeled down, reaching out to help Ryan with the last part of his climb. We
I Stared as the Faucet Leaked
grasped hands and I pulled as hard as I could until he was able to pull himself
We stayed there, kneeling next to the sewer, for a while. Soaking wet, hair
matted to our faces and clothes clinging to our bodies, our hands desperately
clinging to the gold key.
Ryan and I looked up from the sewer grate and smiled. Our smiles were the
biggest theyʼd ever been. Pure happiness was beaming from our whole bodies.
We knew we had a new secret, bigger than we could have ever imagined. The
gold key could take us anywhere we wanted. The rain still fell, the sound of
water on water ringing in our ears.
I was starting to get sore from kneeling on the tile staring at the sink. Iʼve given it
a good effort, I thought to myself. Thereʼs something going on deep in the pipes
and thereʼs no way for me to dive down to find the problem. And frankly, at this
point I didnʼt even care to figure it out. I am no longer that girl who dove down
tunnels and searched for treasure, that adventurer. For a moment though, I
could swear that faucet was starting back, itʼs eyes the hot and cold handles,
asking me to give it one last shot. Okay, fine. One last open and one last close.
If that doesnʼt work then Iʼm done. Again, Iʼm talking to the tap. I slowly turn the
faucet, and keep turning until the water is gushing. In one swift motion, I close it,
as tight as I can, and let go. Silence. I smile and turn to leave the room,
congratulating myself on giving it one last try.
My smile doesnʼt fade and I continue to walk away. Ok, Iʼm done staring as the
faucet leaks, at least I gave it a shot. It doesnʼt matter that the water wonʼt stop. I
get it now, maybe I canʼt fit down that sink, I canʼt actually dive into the tunnel and
see whatʼs there, but Iʼm grateful for the reminder. I wonʼt always have the
answer, but the gold key, that, Iʼll always have.

Story By Candice

Monday, July 12, 2010

2 Years Ago Today.....

Two years ago today, we flew out to Italy and got hitched! It seems like a dream now, but I hold the fond memories close today, as we recognize our special day. I am so lucky to have Clayton, so today my celebration will be in honour of my wonderful husband. Thank you Clayton for being as great as you are.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Last night I tried out a new recipe and boy is it good! It was really easy, but looks impressive. A perfect treat. Chocolate hazelnut baklava, try it out yourself!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I think when I was 15 I swore I would never wear shorts again. Well, I've come around. I have really been wanting a pair of black shorts lately. A pair I could dress up or down. The perfect pair need to be not too long (I have short legs), not to high wasted, but just a little high wasted, and maybe a pleat or two. If they were silky or light weight cotton that would be ideal. The hunt has officially begun. These are just a couple of ways I would wear my future black shorts.

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's been a while

Hello readers. It has been about a month since I last posted. But there has been so much going on. As you may know The Vintage Ramble has been taking up most of my time, and dare I say, the new blog is on my mind most days. If you haven't seen it, here it is Developing the blog and such, has been lots of fun, and there are some great things coming up on the blog and for The Vintage Ramble.

Work aside, I haven't been doing many sewing projects, but have been out in the garden quite a bit. I snapped these pictures a couple weeks ago, and already the gardens have changed. They are getting bigger and other flowers are starting to bloom. It's pretty great how a garden can do that. A constant evolution. Even from year to year, as the garden matures, it changes the face of the landscape drastically. I'll post some updated pictures throughout the summer. All I can say is that I am enjoying the gardens that we have planted (thanks mom!) My mom has been a great help, with her green thumb and advice.

I have some craft projects on the make, so will be posting some of those soon. Until then enjoy the heat!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

D Tour

Just watched this great movie called D Tour. Wasn't too familiar with Rogue Wave, but this is a touching story and definitely inspiring. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it here

Monday, May 17, 2010


Yes friends, the time has come for me to tell you about my new project.The Vintage Ramble is a travelling market that sets up shop in your living room! Host a party, and we'll add some atmosphere to the festivities! We have already collected an amazing selection of clothing, accessories, housewares and other great vintage finds. I am so thrilled to get started and can't wait to attend the first party. We are starting to book parties in the Toronto area so if you or anyone you know is interested you can contact I will be posting some new look book photos soon, so stay tuned!


(Photo via ffffound)

Not Quite Green

Excuse me?” She looks him directly in the eyes. Hers were green, but with brown, so
not really green at all. There’s a name for that colour, he thinks to himself. What is it?
“Sorry,” He says, stepping aside, “I didn’t see you there”. He’s not quite sure why he
moved for her, there’s plenty of room to pass.
She smiled, “Oh no, I meant ‘excuse me’ in the ‘can I have your attention?’ kind of way.”
Uggh, she thinks, I shouldn’t have said anything. She glances down at her shoes. I
shouldn’t have worn these shoes either. Is that a hole near the toe?
He waits for her to look up again, to return a sympathetic look, but she seems to be
focusing on what looks like a hole in her shoe. She looks up, so he looks away quickly.
He doesn’t want her to know he noticed the hole in her shoe.
“Um, ok. Well, you’ve got my attention.” He smiles and scans her face. I must know
her. He thinks. She looks familiar, but then again, she’s pretty. She’s very pretty, so
every guy wants to believe he knows her from somewhere.
“It’s Nick, right? You were at Camille’s party on Saturday.” She searches his face for a
hint of recognition.
“Oh yeah! Hey!” he replies, with slight relief. I knew I’ve seen her somewhere. What is
her name again? With a face like that, you think you’d remember her name, Nick. Shit.
“That was a great party. How’s it going?”
“Things are good, they’re good. Yeah, that party was pretty crazy, right?” Phew, he
remembers me. “I wasn’t sure you’d remember me and think I’m some crazy girl on the
She’s fiddling with the trim on her sweater. It’s green, well, green but with brown mixed
in, so pretty much the same colour as her eyes. Damn, he thinks, it’s on the tip of my
“Well, you’re still that crazy girl on the street, just one that I happen to know!”
She blinks, and glances down at her shoes again.
“Sorry, bad joke.”
“Yeah” She’s staring at the hole again, I can’t believe I wore these. She hadn’t noticed
how good-looking he is until now.
“Which way are you headed?” He notices her toes wiggling, poking through the tiny
hole in her shoe. It’s kind of cute.
“That way.” She points eastbound and quickly crosses one foot behind the other. Shit, I
think he noticed the hole.
“Hey, me too!” he says, with just a little too much enthusiasm. She knows I saw the hole.
“Going into the office. You?”
“Yup.” She turns to initiate walking. “You’re in marketing, right?”
He begins to walk with her, “Yeah, in that ridiculous blue mirrored building on the next
block. Feels like I’m walking into 1986 every time I go in. Where’s your office?”
“Ha, I think the same thing whenever I pass it! I’m a few blocks away. I usually take the
bus, but I figured I’d walk today, it’s pretty nice outside.”
“Yeah, I’ve really been looking forward to the nice weather. It’s been so long since I’ve
been able to go outside without a parka.” The weather. Great, now we’re talking about
the weather.
“Tell me about it. I love not having to put on boots in the morning.” Damn, I can’t
believe I drew attention to my stupid shoes.
“True. And you’ve got built in air conditioning too!” He smiles widely. Shit, Nick, did
you really just mention the hole in her shoe? His smile starts to fade. Idiot.
“Ha, I guess you’re right. Maybe I should poke a hole in the other one to balance them
out.” She replies, smiling back. I can’t believe he noticed. What guy notices a girl’s
“You could start a trend. Nothing better on a hot day than a pair of air-conditioned
shoes.” He studies her face, as much as he can without being obvious. Those are some
really nice eyes-seriously, why can’t I think of that colour? This is going to bug me all
day. Did I really say air-conditioned shoes?
“Um, I think those are called sandals.”
His face turns red. Idiot.
Their pace is as slow as their conversation is awkward. Despite that, they seem to be
enjoying each other’s company.
There aren’t many places you can go after small talk about air-conditioned shoes. He
shakes his head, smirking to himself.
“This is my office.” He says, slowing down. Slightly relieved to end this particular
conversation, but still a bit disappointed. There’s something about her.
“Alright, while you travel back to the eighties, my air-conditioned shoes and I have a few
more blocks to go. So…” She trails off, hoping he’ll take over. They both stop.
“It was nice running into you…uh...” Shit. He still can’t remember her name. To be
honest, he doesn’t remember really chatting with her at the party at all.
“You don’t remember my name, do you?” She tilts her head, searching his face
hopefully. She smiles, she’s not angry. But curious as to why he pretended to remember
“I’m really sorry. It’s just that there were a lot of people at the party, and I’m just not
sure…” He looks down shamefully, focusing on the hole. Her toes are wiggling again.
He wants to laugh a little, but the timing is bad.
“Do you even remember me at all?” Ouch. The timing is really bad.
“Yes, well, not really. I mean, I remember seeing you there…” Shut up Nick. “And if
you say we chatted then I’m pretty sure we chatted and, well, that’s all. I’m sorry.” Way
to play this one, jackass. “But listen, it was really cool running into you.” Maybe I can
save this, he thinks. “I enjoyed the walk, maybe we can do it again some time.” Ugh,
what is this, the end of a date?
“Right.” Wow, this is really awkward, it’s like the end of a date or something. “Well,
um, have a good day, I guess.”
She turns to continue her walk. Oh well. At least I’ve got a story for the girls later.
“Wait,” He calls after her. “Aren’t you going to tell me your name?” It’s a Hail Mary,
but it’s worth a shot.
She pauses. There were a lot of people at the party. I don’t even remember everyone’s
name. And he is pretty cute.
“Hazel.” She says, still turned away from him.
She turns to face him. “My name is Hazel”.

Story courtesy of an anonymous friend, who is oh so lovely, and talented!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jumpsuites, Rompers, and Playsuites Oh My!

OK, so by now I'm sure you have formed an opinion on the romper. I will admit I was pretty judgemental when they first came out last summer, but I kept seeing them and realized what a great thing rompers are. Here is why they are great;

1. Not unlike a dress, you don't have to worry about what top goes with these bottoms or vice-versa. Instant outfit, well maybe not outfit, but it's a good start!

2. You can dress it up or dress it down. No matter which way you wear this, it seems to look effortlessly chic.

3.You can wear this summer's great shoes with almost all of these styles of rompers. Platforms-Check, Ballet flats-Check, TOMS-double check. This also applies to your favourite jewels. Pile on the bling, cause you have room to play with the uniform colour/pattern that the romper gives you.

Part of the reason I shunned the romper in the first place was because I thought I had the wrong body type for it, but really it turns out rompers can be pretty flattering and forgiving. So if your in doubt give one a try and see it for yourself. I am now the proud owner of two rompers, and I can't wait to bust them out when the weather gets warmer.

Bottom line is this is a versatile piece of clothing that may be trendy at the moment, but is certainly a must in all our closets this summer.

Now if I still haven't convinced you, here are some great romper looks to inspire you. (Bonus. Tina Fey rocked this jumpsuit at the new york costume institute gala, and in my books Ms. Fey is aces)

Picture from Chictopia

Picture from Chictopia

Picture from Chictopia

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother’s Day

 Picture 008 Picture 003   Picture 005

Picture 007

Picture 006  Yesterday we honored a very special lady.  My Mom! We had her over for lunch and had a relaxing day of watching Seinfeld, gardening, and one yard sale. We had a yummy lunch, and I had lots of fun decorating the table for the occasion. 

Mother’s day started early for her, when she received a picture message from my dad who is currently away in Italy.  He sent her this sweet picture.

DSC04492How cute is this????????????!!!!!!! We missed him yesterday, but this picture was a nice reminder that he will be home soon.